DWC 35th Anniversary

New Hours – Beginning July 1, 2024

Remember Our Families


The women in our program are currently homeless, yet have chosen recovery, and are persistently staying on the path of sobriety. They work very hard to do what’s best for themselves and their families. They realize that it is only because of donor’s caring generosity that DWC is able to provide what they need to accomplish their goals.

Many of our employees are in the recovery program or are DWC graduates.  |  86% of the women that graduate from the DWC Recovery Program are clean and sober one year later.

Our stores have given away over $977,000 worth of merchandise!
Please come by our stores, we have a range of products. Read more on our store page.

Let us help you


If you know of someone that needs help,  please call 806-372-3625.