Congratulations to Brittney… and THANK YOU Carpet Tech for supporting our mission to provide housing and services to overcome homelessness and addiction!

September 2021




For over 32 years, the Downtown Women’s Center has served homeless women in recovery from substance use disorder and has provided for their children. Most of our women and children have faced past trauma and both need help to heal.

DWC’s Recovery Program assists women to achieve their highest level of self-suciency. Many lives have been positively changed thanks being to God!

Eighty-six percent of the women completing our Recovery Program are clean and sober one year Just one story of many in the world today.

It all starts with one woman reaching out for help, and having the courage to fight. Fight for life, fight for victory over addition. Watch the short video clip.

With your help, we can continue serving these women and their children.

a small donation has a HUGE impact


A true story.

DWC Fundraiser 2021

Let us help you


If you know of someone that needs help,  please call 806-372-3625.