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We use a holistic approach to recovery and believe that when individuals seek help from DWC they can, in time, live clean and sober lives. We offer hope, but we also offer practical resources for changing lives.

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“You can’t do it alone. We hold each other accountable”

Quoted by a Haven House Resident

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DWC depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support of our programs. All proceed benefit the women in recovery and their children.

(All donations to DWC are tax deductible to the full extent of the law)

Haven House

Haven House is our entry point for women without children, as it is a dormitory-style residence. The first phase is a rigorously structured program which focuses totally on becoming and staying sober for seven to nine months. Requirements include attending and graduating from the Cenikor Shelter Program for drug and alcohol treatment, attendance at AA/NA meetings, finding part-time employment, group and one-on-one counseling, as well as group meetings where they learn to live in a group setting, follow the rules at each house and constantly work toward relapse prevention. These and other requirements must be met before moving to Abba House or Gratitude House. For Fiscal Year end (FYE) 2023, Haven House served 79 women.

Abba House

Abba House is our entry point for women with children as it has 10 small efficiency apartments with families sharing bathrooms and living area. These women with young children coming to us from the streets or referred by other shelters or individuals, will be new in recovery with nowhere to place their children. These women and children will work with a case manager, attend required meetings, attend and graduate ARAD, arrange for child care, find a part-time job while preparing to move to Gratitude House after being at Abba House 4-6 months. For FYE 2016, Abba House served 37 women and 21 children.

Gratitude House

Gratitude House is Our newest shelter located at 11th and Jackson Streets in downtown Amarillo, is the second phase of our Recovery Program. Our first resident moved in April 2016. These apartments are staffed 24/7. The apartment complex is directly across the alley and parking lot from Opportunity School (for younger children) and down the street from DWC’s thrift stores, where some of our women work and others volunteer to pay the nominal rent.
Day care centers and an elementary school are also nearby. Elwood Park is directly across the street on the west side of Gratitude House providing a playground and park to run and play. While still in our Recovery Program at Gratitude House, single women are asked to pay rent of $200 per month for a one-bedroom apartment fully furnished, decorated with all utilities paid including cable, and moms with children are asked to pay $250 per month for a two-bedroom apartment with all the necessaries furnished including utilities. Women in this second phase will be expected to work and/or attend school, while continuing attendance at AA/NA meetings, attending weekly mandatory in-house meetings, participating in counseling sessions and case management.
These women learn budgeting skills, how to improve parenting and homemaking skills, working on positive self-esteem, and other everyday life skills. Attention is also given to deepening their spiritual beliefs and practices, restoring family relationships and returning to a productive drug-free lifestyle by setting educational and financial goals. For FYE 2016, Gratitude House served 14 adults and 16

Meridian Apartments

Meridian Apartments is a 35-unit apartment complex that provides quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals. Meridian Apartments is a positive living environment for many elderly, disabled, mentally-challenged, and single adults. For FYE 2016, Meridian Apartments served 50 adults.

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