Growth… it’s important to so many different aspects in our lives.  We grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, and just a variety of different ways in our very own lives.  The women at Downtown Women’s Center are NO different.  They are experiencing growth daily in their sobriety, their confidence and in life.

Darla graduated our program in February 2020.  Since that time she’s continued to find ways to give back.  Someone gifted Darla a beautiful tree, which she lovingly named “Irvin”.  She took time to locate the perfect spot to plant it, carefully prepared the hole, covered it’s roots and then placed a protective cone around it, so that the root system could have time to take hold without fear of destruction.  What amazing symbolism to Darla’s journey with DWC.

In March of this year…. just a year after her graduation, Darla became a different part of the DWC Family!  She is now employed with us as Live-In Support Staff at Gratitude House.  We couldn’t be more excited to have her on board!