Since entering DWC, I have found and strengthened my faith in God.  I’m learning that even when I can’t physically be in church, that I still need to set aside my tithes so that I can give when I am able to attend in person.  When the tithes are being collected at my church, we have a custom where we pray this specific prayer.  It holds a special meaning to me. I believe that because of my tithing, my relationship with God, and working on myself, I have seen abundant growth.

When someone in recovery reaches Step 2 they begin to believe that a – Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. For Sherrie, she is leaning on her faith in God.  She tithes to her church because she is so grateful for the successes that she knows HE has provided her.

Sherrie – DWC celebrates your growth and we look forward to watching you as you tend your “garden of life” and all the wonderful exciting blooms that will be taking place along your journey.